The Simple, Powerful, And Complete Software Solution For The Modern Event Professional.

Designed by event pros for event pros, Aisle Planner is a beautiful, all-in-one platform where you can market your business, connect with and close new clients, collaborate with your partners, and design and deliver spectacular events down to the very last detail.

All the tools and features you need. All in one place. All behind one login. That's the Power of One.


Whether you're looking to make a great first impression or validate your work, marketing is critical to a successful business. Take advantage of Aisle Planner's marketing tools to get your brand in front of more of your ideal clients:

-The built-in Submissions Tool allows you to submit your work to be published on The Aisle Guide

-Your customized Marketplace Listing lets you promote your business, showcase your best work, inspire your ideal clients, and makes it easy for them to connect with you


Converting leads into clients comes down to process. Aisle Planner's sales and CRM tools provide everything you need to manage new leads, customize workflows, maintain documents, and book new clients smoothly and efficiently—all in one place:

-The newly refreshed Lead Index allows you to track and manage where each lead is in your booking process

-Use custom-branded brochures to send your information to new leads straight from Aisle Planner

-Create and embed customized contact forms that automatically sync with your Lead Index

-Build, customize, and send proposals, invoices, quotes, and contracts

-Use the seamless and secure build-in payment processing solution to collect payments


Project Management

Get access to the most complete and powerful set of planning, design, and project management tools to streamline your workflow, collaborate with your team and clients, and manage every detail along the way:

-Customize checklists for each event

-Use the Design Studio and custom color palettes to collect design inspiration and build the perfect color collection

-Catalog all the details with the Notes Tool

-Create timelines for every day and every detail of your events

-Track budget expenses

-Draft layouts, floor plans, and seating charts

-Communicate and collaborate with team members vendor partners, and clients straight from Aisle Planner



"The way each client plans their wedding is different. From who they plan with, when they start planning, and where they start planning, AP helps our teams focus on that by tailoring the experience to them, rather than creating rigid structures. It molds itself effortlessly to our process and branding so that it feels cohesive and organic."


Cocktails & Details

"Simply put, I love Aisle Planner because it simplifies my life. It is aesthetically pleasing and it keeps me organized and that is exactly what I need with my busy life as a business owner!"


Alexandra Wise
Blush Botanicals

"In a business where design is an essential part of how you represent yourselves to your clients, we are smitten with the ability to be able to tailor Aisle Planner's clean streamlined look to our own branding! They've won our hearts all around!"


Heather Balliet

"I love getting to show prospective clients a sneak peek of their Aisle Planner profile during our consultation. Then I basically say, 'This could be all yours when you become a Sparkle Bride.' Gets them Every. Single. Time."

sshotfor ap

Krisy Parker Thomas
Southern Sparkle Events

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