Download Your Bingo Card!

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How It Works

Throughout the summit, use your BINGO card to keep track of how you engage with the event. (Not sure what something means on the card? We've outlined it all for you below.)

During the first 4 days of the summit, August 22nd-25th, I'll post in the Facebook group and invite you to post a picture or screenshot of your BINGO card to win by 6pm Pacific Time each day. I'll announce the winner shortly after!

What Can I Win?

We have partnered with our amazing sponsors Rock Paper Coin, Maroo, Aisle Planner, and our partner Sourced Co. to bring you some high-value daily prizes for this round of the summit!

Monday: Rock Paper Coin is hooking one lucky winner up with a $100 Amazon gift card! (Value: $100)

Tuesday: Merri is giving away a 6 month subscription to their amazing 3D visualization platform made for event planning. (Value: $204)

Wednesday: Sourced Co. is giving away a $40 credit to their gorgeous stock photo shop. (Value: $40)

Thursday: Aisle Planner is giving away a 6-month subscription to Aisle Planner. (Value: $250)

How Do I Play?

1.) Download or Screenshot the Bingo Card above

2.) Take the actions in the squares

3.) Mark Off Completed Tasks As You Go

4.) Get any 5 Completed Squares in a row either Horizontally, Vertically, or Diagonally

5.) Upload a photo of your completed Bingo Card to the daily prize thread inside the Book More Weddings Summit Facebook Group

6.) Please only one entry per day - and note that you must have a different combination of winning squares each time you enter!

Square Descriptions

Not sure what a square means? Learn more about each one here.


Winning is easier with the Wedding Pro Power Pack!

Make winning a hot seat easier plus, get lifetime access to presentations, transcripts, and worksheets, access to 2 VIP networking sessions, 1 VIP co-working session, & 1 VIP Q&A MAastermind Q&A with your host, Heidi Thompson during the summit, access to a private podcast feed so you can listen to presentations on the go, and more than $3400 in bonuses from the speakers.