VIP Networking Sessions

As a Wedding Pro Power Pack VIP, you have access to 2 VIP Networking sessions during the summit. The goal of a networking session is to do exactly what you’d do between talks at an in-person event – chat and make connections!

During this VIP Networking Session, you’ll be able to roam around the room freely and talk to meet other wedding pros just like you would at an in-person networking event. Be sure to go to the link 10 minutes early so you can set up your profile before joining! Don’t forget to add your bio and include your social media links to make it easier to connect with you.

The idea of “networking” can be intimidating, but know that everyone else is probably a bit nervous too. We’re all just looking to make connections with people who “get” it! To help, use the conversation prompts I’ve prepared for you here!

Networking Session Schedule:

All networking calls are held via Toucan. Be prepared to join with your video and audio because when you get into your breakout groups you’ll definitely want to be fully engaged!