Simple Is Best.

Contracts, invoices, and payments all in one place. Created by industry veterans who know the struggle first hand of running a business in the wedding space. We simplify the paperwork so you can spend more time planning + creating!

The Scoop


Electronic signatures made easy. RPC offers custom, branded legally binding digital contracts. Upload a document or utilize a pre-loaded template so your clients can sign on the go!

Digital Payments

Your clients can quickly and easily make payments from their phone or computer. RPC frees up more time by auto-sending payment reminders and allowing for auto-pay, ensuring your cash flow remains consistent and easy to forecast. Our processing fee is a low 2.5%, saving you a little bit along the way.


The defining feature of Rock Paper Coin is our workflow’s ability to collaborate with all three parties (clients, vendors, planners). Everyone is in the loop and planners may be given permissions to act on behalf of clients, speeding the booking and payment process along. Along with shared documents, client and vendor collaborations are a breeze.


"Working with RPC has been a dream from day one. The ability to streamline contracts and client payments in one SAFE place has saved time and provided a great, credible client experience."


Ashley Lachney
Alston Mayger Events

"Rock Paper Coin is a breath of fresh air! I had been using Square because their invoicing and payment system is straightforward. RPC used that simplicity and super-sized it! With RPC, everything that I was doing is even easier.   All in all – it is a great system that is obviously created by event people. I am a big fan!"


Keith Willard
Keith Willard Events

"I used a similar system previously but found myself lost with the functionality and spent more time trying to input the necessary information and set up integrations. With RPC, it addresses the main pain points with contracts/payments and is an instant time-saver!"


Jordan Gladow
Blum Floral

"Rock Paper Coin was an amazing choice during the wedding planning process! We were surprised when wedding vendors requested paper contracts or checks, and therefore very thankful for the ease & usability of RPC to bypass these unnecessary ways to work with small businesses.  Being able to track, pay, sign contracts, etc. was a huge relief during a stressful time leading up to our nuptials. Highly recommend!"


Caitlin MacMillen

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